Anthon Kothi

Across the road and opposite the palace, there stands another large building surrounded by an extensive compound. This was the residence of Major Anthony Reghelini, the architect of the church and palace. The building takes its name from him—Anthon Kothi. It was sold to the Archbishop of Agra for the nominal sum of Rs 400, though the building was not even half the size it is today. It just consisted of a few rooms. The large compound was put to cultivation, but the building was not put to any definite use till the beginning of this century, when the Italian Franciscan nuns, handing back to the nuns of Jesus and Mary the Convent they had occupied since 1902, came there to start a school in 1907. But after a couple of years they left for Agra. In 1922, as we have already seen, the nuns of Jesus and Mary shifted here again when their buildings were required for a Capuchin Novitiate. The nuns made improvements and enlarged the building considerably. But when the Capuchin Novitiate was shifted to Mangalore, they were granted permission in 1931 to return to their former building. After the departure of the nuns, it was used as a hostel for non-Christian boys attending St. Charles' College.

But after 1955 it was temporarily converted into a Primary school attached to St. Charles.

In 1969 it was repaired and became a dispensary and convent of the Diocesan Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Graces.

In the early 1970s a new hospital building as well as doctors' and nurses' quarters were added.

If you care to walk a little further down the road, you will see to your left, about a hundred and fifty yards away, the remains of a sort of fort. More of a wall of mud, some hundred yards long, thirty feet wide and thirty feet high, it was meant to provide the last resistance to any attack on the palace from the direction of Delhi. A lot of it has been destroyed, as mud is being continually removed for building and other purposes. If nothing is done to stop this, there will be nothing standing in a couple of decades.

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