• sudhir sondhi

    9/12/2017 3:34:28 PM

    Visiting regularly the Church of Our Lady Of Graces , Sardhana has been a family tradition ever since we can recall . We visit the church to pray for peace ,health and prosperity of the family , friends an enemies. Blessings have always been showered on us and healthy , delicious bread served at every meal - we thank thee o mother of Jesus for your goodness of mercies. Preetika ,Sureet & Sudhir

  • M

    5/31/2017 4:57:09 PM

    Dear Mother Mary, thank you so for the scholarship you have given me for my college education. For the past 5 years, it has all been free because of your goodness. I am most unworthy of you goodness, but your love and mercy is never ending. May God be forever blessed, loved and glorified for having created you and for all the grace, love & mercies He has always been showing to you! O Mary Immaculate, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you!

  • ravi james

    5/8/2016 5:09:36 AM

    Dear mother mary, I thank you from the bottom of mu heart for blessing me with a lovely baby child, i offer him in you guidance and pray to you to protect him and al my family members from all evil and keep us healthy and wise. Amen.

  • Alan

    6/26/2015 12:58:13 AM

    Dear mother can you please guide me to a full time job as a Registered Nurse. Please bless my pregnant wife and keep her safe. Can i you please mother please guide my life i do feel scared about future. I worry about the financial as well. Please help me with my studies. Thank you Alan

  • kay

    6/19/2015 7:00:16 PM

    i am here to appreciate the good work of this site for helping to locate my helper who is Dr Ekaka. I have been having misunderstanding with my husband which leads to divorce some few years ago, But i will unable to move on with my life because i have so much love for my husband and my kid love him too. I heard about ekakaspelltemple@yahoo.com here some few Weeks ago and i decided to contact him for help and he told me what i need to do which i did i was so surprised when i got a call from my husband apologizing to me as told me he was going to come back to me it all seems like a dream to me thank to Dr Ekaka i am back with my husband again and i am so happy.

  • Rashul Kumar

    6/17/2015 4:52:37 AM

    dear mother please heal me with your greatness,show me the correct path..please fulfill my last wish!! Amen

  • Dolly

    5/7/2015 7:46:15 PM

    Show me miracle. I want to see your divine powers, Mother. That will draw me towards to you and will increase my faith. You know everything, and you also know what I want Mother. Please Mother, as a humble request, please grant all my wishes, fill my hands with my wishes and increase my faith, as its avail whoever I went too. You are my last hope, please don't turn away from me, I really need you badly. Please listen to my prayers and have mercy on your child. Every Mother wants to see her child happy and settle down in life. Please Mother, see to it that I do too. Amen

  • Varghese Jose

    4/3/2015 9:06:19 PM

    I am giving this testimony on behalf of my sister, Rev Sr.Angela Antony, from FCC Congregation who had visited the Basilica and had made a petition to Mother Mary for finding a suitable life partner for me. I had been searching but was unsuccessful and my parents were very saddened. Sr. Angela had been to the Shrine and petitioned for me and through Mother Mary's intercession has got a good life partner. Thank you Mother Mary.

  • John Samson

    1/14/2015 4:18:57 PM

    I had given my Motor Bike Registration Certificate to a Broker and he will be telling me i will given you the RC in 7 days but he takes 1 and half month. Then i pray to mother Mary for my RC. and mother hear my prayer. I received my RC yesterday and thanks to Mother Mary and Jesus Christ.

  • pastor Thieringo

    9/5/2014 6:05:51 PM

    Prayer Request : persecution demonic satanic and dark things done againt pastor Thieringo must stop and mustn't have effect on him and must return againt those who do that . Fire of Holly Spirit must come on evil and bad things againts him. May Holly Spirit Jesus and God do justice to him .Protection , healing, wisdom, freedom, prosperity, miracles in finances, success and miracles in business, success and miracles in his life in Jesus Name . God bless You.

  • rajni

    8/16/2014 3:07:04 PM

    Dear Mother Mary mother of Lord Jesus, I pray to you to please help me so that I come to this church as I have never visited it. I want to come to this holy place and I know you will help me to come to this holy place. Mother Mary I really want to come to this church please help me. Always bless me. I ask in Jesus name. Amen.

  • abhishek

    3/28/2014 7:00:34 PM

    dear holy mary mother of god plz same me from all the evil sprits and evil thoughts and make me a person to serve the people and all the dogs which are on roads plz give me power to give them food and shelter to them i humble ask u and i request u all the things in the name of the hevenly father and of the son and of the holy spirit amen

  • Jason Esteves

    1/13/2014 12:09:57 AM

    Thank you Mother Mary for interceding for me w.r.t. Mikhail. It was truly only because of your intercession that our Lord listened to my request. Thank you so much. I am indebted to you. It was a season of miracles for me as my request was impossible and after 10 months of praying, Jesus finally granted me my petition.

  • Thushara

    12/24/2013 8:38:42 PM

    Thank you Mother Mary for blessing me and my family whenever we have approached you in the Basilica of your Graces ! O beautiful Mother, i thank you especially for the special moments there, when i felt your presence and could experience an unparalleled peace i have seldom felt. I thank you also for blessing my family with a chance to attend Mass when there was no likelihood of one ! Thank you for wiping my tears and praying for me. This year also my family and i are planning to make a pilgrimage. Please bless our journey in this perilous weather and grant our prayers and petitions. I make this prayer through Christ your Son and our Savior.

  • vincent.m

    8/15/2013 8:43:38 AM

    o mother mary thank u for giving nice family..give me nice child with ur grace and give a good wisdom ,study power to my daughter cecilia..thak u..mother mary ....amen

  • vincent.m

    8/15/2013 8:41:59 AM

    o mother mary thank u for giving nice family..give me nice child with ur grace and give a good wisdom ,study power to my daughter cecilia..thak u..mother mary ....amen

  • dilaver jhally

    8/6/2013 10:34:12 PM

    Please pray for us

  • jinny

    5/11/2013 7:07:43 AM

    I have prayed to mother mary for getting an admission for my child in a good school. Because getting an admission was very difficult as she was 5 months older than the age limit for preschool. by the blessings of mother mary and jesus she could get an admission in a very good school and also in free education scheme. Thank you mothet mary , thank you jesus. jinny.

  • Ruchita

    5/5/2013 7:13:37 AM

    Mother, I came to Sardhana in November 2005 and prayed for starting family.You answered my prayers and now I am blessed with two kids aged 6 and 4.Thank you for your kind mercies.I am studying very hard for a career change,please bless me and give me courage so that I can cope.Help me that all my hard work pays off.Please look after me and my family.Make us feel your divine presence.Amen

  • Arun Christopher

    3/6/2013 11:33:50 AM

    Please pray for spiritual strength and strengthen my faith in my LORD pray for the difficult times I am into and Thank You O' Holy Mother for all the blessings

  • Payal

    2/7/2013 3:21:06 AM

    Mother Mary, I know whenever i have been blessed to stand infront of you i have never been turned down i donot know the merit which gives me this blessing my promossion mam, my jobs everything happened becof u respect in sociery all came un called for . mother thismuch i trust u that yesterday accident was not any kind of pnishsment in any way i dont know from what i ws saved but i now know god also crack jokes u gave me a volini to carry to apply on my sprain after ther accident that trrible pain went at opne spray.. Mother Amen

  • Tibortious Clement

    1/29/2013 9:34:04 AM

    Mother I strongly believe you, please help me in getting a nice Job.

  • amit

    10/15/2012 6:44:10 AM

    Thanks for all blessings which we received through our dear mother

  • Tigi George

    8/15/2012 7:36:23 AM

    Dear Mother Mary, Shower your blessings upon my son,he is ill,suffering from heart dieases,with a blockage in the heart,please do pray for him so that withour the surgery he should get cured.

  • Jennifer

    7/19/2012 12:27:31 AM

    Dear Our Lady, Thank you for the wonderful blessing of my son. It is only your blessing and care that gave our son to us and kept me and baby safe through my pregnancy. I will forever praise and thank you for this blessings. I accept whatever it is you have in store for us for teh future, knowing that with your blessings there can only be good around us always.

  • Jinny

    4/13/2012 7:49:00 AM

    Mother Mary I thank you for the blessings you have given me. In february 2012 I along with my family visited your church in sardhana and I prayed to mother mary to give an admission to my daughter in a good school in class VIII in delhi as the school she was studying in was not having affiliation and it is onky upto VIIIth standard. my mother mary gave her an admission in a very good school in Delhi. Thank you Mother Mary. praise the Lord. Jinny Prasad

  • Edna

    2/19/2012 6:22:33 AM

    Dear Mother , a few days ago I saw your picture in a dream. I don't know what it means but you know, above all, that I need help so please help me.

  • Keyanna

    1/10/2012 7:07:42 AM

    Cretead the greatest articles, you have.


    1/2/2012 11:28:36 PM



    12/23/2011 10:02:48 AM


  • Anil kumar topno

    12/6/2011 7:15:49 AM

    Thanks to jesus Christ for job and a nice son Keep blessing to my family. Bless all christian who are suffering from disese you give more then what we want.Many many thanks almighty jesus.

  • M J Michael

    12/4/2011 11:26:42 AM

    Dear All, This is a true incident. I have been an eye witness and also directly benefitted from the direct intercession and protection or Our Lady or Graces. On November 26, 2011, we were travelling towards sardhana to pray and on our yearly pilgrimage, I have always made this pilgrimage whenever had the opportunity since I was young. This time it was especially blessed because, I was travelling with my family, and my four children, my 1 elder daughter and three infant triplets 1 year old. A little background, Me and wife Sindhu were married 6 years and had no children for 6 years, life was good but a little lonely. We prayed a lot, we were abroad, had a good life but it was still incomplete, the lack of children always affected us. Constant prayers, family support and medical treatment followed, we were blessed initially with our first child whom we adopted, and immediately following this, we were overjoyed when we got news that wife was pregnant with triplets. Now followed a year of prayers and care, finally we were blessed with three angels all normal and healthy. This was the reason this 2011 pilgrimage to Our Ladys sardhana was even more special. We started from Delhi in morning in our car, all went well till we were about 10 kms from Sardhana, then suddenly on the approach road just after the National Highway, a cyclist just ahead of the car without warning decided to make a turn to his right, I had no time to stop, I applied full break, the car shuddered and started to skidd and at the same time with all my force, I steered the car to avoid hitting him, He escaped, but now the car was out of control, it skid towards the opposite side of the road, which was full of deep ditches since the roadside was dug up with mud, and also on the opposite side there was another cyclist who was standing there on seeing the car skidding towards him he left his cycle jumped into the nearby ditch the car skidded and hit his byccycle. The car came to a stop on a mound of earth and mud. I was in a state of shock for a moment, I looked around none of us were hurt even a scratch. All my children were safe, all of us had been miraculously left unhurt not a single scratch on us. I got out of the car and saw that we had come to a stop just inches from a big ditch, had the car skidded a few more inches it would most certainly have toppled over causing severe injuries on all of us and my children. A group of helpful villagers from the nearby tea shop who witnessed the incident immediately came to our help, they said I had saved the first cyclists life. Suddenly a tractor also miraculously appeared we were unable to push the car out since it was stuck in the soft earth and mud. The other cyclists who fell in the ditch had a few minor injuries. we took him to a nearby doctor, who gave him first aid and he fully revived. All the witnesses repeatedly said we had a miraculous escape. Just before starting to drive on this journey I had prayed to Our Lady of Graces, please take control of me and help me to drive safe since this was our first trip with out precious little children. I will never forget this incident and also the fact that it was Jesus at the wheel when this happened, no doubt he was with us because of Our Lady's intercession. I write this knowing that I and my family are truly blessed to be under the special care and intercession of Our Lady of Graces, without whose blessing we may not have been alive to write and witness this. Michael, SIndhu & Family

  • Neelu

    7/29/2011 5:39:38 AM

    O Holy mother, I thank you from my all my hart for all the blessings which I have received.

  • Sunita

    7/28/2011 6:52:52 AM

    Dear Mother, Please help me to get married to Mr Balakrishna without any family tensions and oppositions. I shall be grateful to you mother. sunita

  • Sunita

    7/28/2011 6:52:49 AM

    Dear Mother, Please help me to get married to Mr Balakrishna without any family tensions and oppositions. I shall be grateful to you mother. sunita

  • Richa sharma

    7/27/2011 2:28:11 PM

    Dear Mother, once in year 2000/ 2001 , i had visited you with ishwar and asked to be married to him. dear mother, you heard me and we were married in 2002, november 23 , however it was a painful marriage my mother you know all. forgive me mother, forgive my sins. Free my children and myself from his hold. make him leave us in peace. let him not get my children ever. i pray with' a mother's heart, o blessed mother ! bless me. May richa , govind amol live in peace, mother. amen

  • Amit singh

    6/30/2011 9:43:30 AM

    Hail mother mary of graces! i prayed you for my friend puja regarding the admission in delhi university,as she was facing so many obstacles in admission today she got the admission very easily by the graces of you. so many thanks to you! our mother mary u r one and only one

  • Sunil Emmanual Prasad

    6/12/2011 8:39:04 AM

    O Holy mother of God I praise you in the name of thy holy son Jesus Christ who died for our sins. This testimony is to inform you Holy mother as you already know that i was remarried back in 2009 and after that all my family members were waiting for a child to play in our house but my wife was not conceiving after all efforts. Our relatives gave us the opinion that we should consult a Lady doctor because my reports were normal i was very worried and broken-heart at that time and then one night a voice said to me "Come to me at Sardhana" as i was a regular visitor of the shrine church every year I decided to go there for at least once regarding this issue. And on the day of the fete in November i was helpless without a job and had only 20 Rs in my pocket sitting and crying over my fate with a Hindu friend (who accompanied me later in the "Pad-Yatra" held on 8th May 2011) telling him about my dream and zeal to go to the shrine church. Suddenly my phone rang up and an other friend of mine asked me about where i am . I said that i am sitting in a Farm near sarai kazi nearby area to my colony Jaggruti Vihar he said that he is reaching there in 10 minutes. And when he reached upto me he was properly dressed up with a new motorcycle having a full petrol tank.He uttered a shout" Brother lets go to Sardhana Church". I was astonished and speechless by your plans Holy mother.I get up and reached home with him and dressed up and you know that i was all the time thanking you my dear Holy mother. As soon as i reached infront of your picture i burst into tears. And i thought that you had ushered your mercy on me by seeing my broken heart and tears. Because after reaching home and after two days my prayer was heard by You THANK YOU and "Hail Mary- Holy mother of God who performs such miracles and loves thy children like me". Dear Mother did you know that i got the job the very next day and wife is carrying a normal and healthy child in her womb.After my job and the miraculous conception of my wife i also went on to the pilgrimage on 8th may 2011 and what i had asked on that day was fulfilled in two days only what can i say about your blessings Holy mother i am speechless and without words.I am making a promise to you my dear Holy mother that i will leave the methodist denomination and my baby boy along with my full family of seven members will be baptized in Catholic faith. This is your child Holy mother and he will only be brought up in your Holy mother. Truly this shrine belong to "Our lady of graces" who ushers her grace and mercy on her children. I am making a promise that "mundan sanskar" of my baby boy will be held afterwards but first he will be dedicated to you Holy mother in November this year. Please give me the strength to fulfill my promise that i had made to you My dear Holy mother. " Hail Mary"

  • Hedy

    4/12/2011 10:06:33 AM

    I have come to this site a couple of months ago and have prayed for various things. I am glad to let everyone know that almost all my prayers have been fulfilled. Thank you Lord.


    4/9/2011 12:29:57 PM

    O,dear Mother of Grace,You remember me and my wife visited your Holy Shrine at Sardhana on August,1999 with the prayers to remove obstacles that stood against the promotion of my wife. Miraculously You have helped us to get promotion to my wife on September, 8,2000. I whole heartedly thank you Mother Of Grace for the blessings you have poured on us. Please help us to visit you again at Sardhana in very near future.

  • Sumeet

    2/5/2011 3:53:34 PM

    Please Mother, My wife Shoma Sinha wishes to teach in an institution of her choice she has applied so many times. Please grant her wish to teach in the institution where our daughter too studies and may all of us be happy , healthy and contended ,AMEN

  • Manju

    2/5/2011 1:13:13 AM

    Oh Mother Mary i heard about Your miracle,Those people faith in you, you fulfill all their wishes, so i wish, you will help me in my future, Me and Anshu want to marry and spend life together so plz help me,please pray for us both our family will agree and accept our relationship, and blessed us be always with us, i deep believe in god so supporting me , and helped me out,blessed for our both family ........I place all my trust in you mother ....

  • Raboni David

    1/17/2011 8:37:14 AM

    Mother please pray and guide me for my next year. I didn't know what to do only you and your son knows my future. I've faithin your son.

  • Nipun Jain

    12/27/2010 11:50:40 PM

    Dear Our lady of Graces, Endow your blessings on us so that the world lives in peace and prosperity prevails. Amen

  • Mrs.Sonali Singh

    12/13/2010 1:59:16 AM

    Oh Mother Mary, the most graceful, bless me with a baby. Make my family complete.I will surely bring my baby to your side to get your blessings. Bless me and my husband and keep us together till my death..... Be always by my side and guide me.

  • Dr.Anita Mathew

    12/10/2010 3:08:30 AM

    Dear Pray to son for the wellbeing of my family, in-laws, parents, brothers and their family. Bless my sons-Abel and Alvin.. Pray for the success of my profession and my husband's career.

  • Preethy Gimmi

    11/16/2010 6:28:19 AM

    Oh my loving mothermary, i ask you for a favour from you to please pray for us to get pleased by a child....i will surely bring my child to your side .... mother please bless us.....

  • Rakesh Marsh

    11/13/2010 6:23:33 AM

    Mother Mary & Jesus Charist Thank You for everything that you have done for me. Thank you for being with me at all times, good and bad and supporting me. My trust in you Mother Mary & Jesus Christ.

  • Samuel Gill

    10/24/2010 2:18:41 PM

    I went to Sardhana twice to seek help...it was very downfall of my life...my family. I don't know...logically...but I was helped out..clean and effortlessly...that was miraclous. Seond time I went there after gap of perhaps 15-18 years...and again, I was given what I asked for. Once again- I am , my brother is deep into trouble in business and when nothing worked out- it was a image of mother...which helped me out and I now...WANTS TO GO THERE...SAYING THANKS !

  • Hedy

    10/15/2010 12:09:10 PM

    Dear Lord: I can't thank You enough for all the blessing You have bestowed upon me. Thank You.


    5/17/2010 4:46:16 AM

    I Thankyou father of Abraham, Issac, Israel, I thankyou Heavenly Father in the precious name of our Lord & Saviour JESUS CHRIST for all the blessings which you have given me and my family, I thankyou Heavenly Father in the precious name of our Lord & Saviour JESUS CHRIST that you had fulfiled all my prayer request you hade given me all which i needs, I thankyou YEHAWA JIREH that you had saved my Job and fulfiled all my prayers and take me back to my family. I Give Thanks to the Heavenly Father in Precious name of our Lord & Saviour JESUS CHRIST AMEN....


    4/29/2010 1:01:52 PM

    I Thank to the Heavenly Father in the precious name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ that he has has fulfilled my prayer request and save my job and i pray to the heavenly father in the name of Jesus that my job and salary be blessed and my job will saved and remain forever i pray and give thanks in the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN....

  • Caroline, Ashley & Kyle Samuel

    2/23/2010 4:09:13 AM

    We thank you for hearing all our prayers, we thank you for the unaswered prayers as you know what is best for us. Thanks you for always being with us, guiding us. We have always had faith in you and with each passing day our faith grows ever so stronger. Keep blessing us & guiding us on the path that you have walked.

  • Sanjiv

    12/30/2009 10:02:32 PM

    Thanks for all blessings which we received through our dear mother.

  • Rahul

    11/30/2009 6:55:24 AM

    Mother please pray for me and my family .......

  • Sunil Stephen

    11/30/2009 1:31:33 PM

    Blessed Mother Mary, most gratefully thanking You for the grace bestowed upon me to remain firm in prayer and attend daily the Novenas in our Parish Church. Thank you so much Blessed Mother.

  • Sunny Sebestian

    11/30/2009 12:04:09 PM

    Thank You Our Dear Mother Mary Our Father Lord Jesus Christ Our Dear God Almighty for everything. We Love You a lot, please keep us in Your blessings always.

  • Sumit Dass

    11/30/2009 11:59:55 AM

    Thank You for everything that you have done for me. Thank you for being with me at all times, good and bad and supporting me. I place all my trust in you Mother.

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